Chantra's Survivor Series
Survivor: Galapagos
Survivor galapagos3
Genre Reality Competition
Winner Robulusjgreisonne
No. of Episodes 13
No. of Days 39
No. of Castaways 18




Season Run
Start Date Feb 6th, 2014
End Date Feb 26th, 2014
Preceeded by

Survivor: Guyana

Followed by Survivor Japan: Yin vs. Yang

Survivor: Galapagos is the 5th season of Chantra's Survivor Series. This season featured the Exile Island twist, as well as the 3 tribe format.

This season was joined by 3 returning players, back for redemption, who despite playing good games were voted out too early and deserved a second chance. The returnees were Matty (Mattyc964) and Daniel (DontVoteMePlease) from Survivor: Guyana and Burke (Bwburke94) from Survivor: Kiribati.

Rob (Robulusjgreisonne) beat Jade (Murly) and Nick (Archerskyfire) and won the season by a vote of 4-2-1.  

Robulusjgreissone won the title of "Player Of The Season".

Murly won the title of "Hero Of The Season".

Econ21 won the title of "Villain Of The Season".


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Sarah48 (Sarah) Fernandina


Day 3


Mattyc964 (Matty)



1st Voted Out

Day 6

Leonine_Divine (Jet) Fernandina

2nd Voted Out

Day 9

EliOrtiz1234 (Eli) Fernandina

3rd Voted Out

Day 12

TotsTrashy (Dana) Isabela

4th Voted Out

Day 15

CirieFiellds (Cirie) Española

5th Voted Out

Day 18


Bwburke94 (Burke)



6th Voted Out

Day 21

Survivorgame1 (Paul) Española

7th Voted Out

Day 21


DontVoteMePlease (Daniel) 


Española Floreana

8th Voted Out

1st Jury Member

Day 24

Nathan132 (Fowler) Isabela Floreana

9th Voted Out

2nd Jury Member

Day 27

RedWing91 (Red) Española Floreana

10th Voted Out

3rd Jury Member

Day 30

Walkerbait27 (Ismail) Fernandina Floreana

11th Voted Out

4th Jury Member

Day 33

AndThenThereWasOne (Rhys) Isabela Floreana

12th Voted Out

5th Jury Member

Day 36

Hudspith (Martin) Isabela Floreana

13th Voted Out

6th Jury Member

Day 37

Econ21 (Eric) Fernandina Floreana

14th Voted Out

7th Jury Member

Day 38

Archerskyfire (Nick) Isabela Floreana Runner-Up 2
Murly (Jade) Española Floreana Runner-Up 4
Robulusjgreisonne (Rob) Española Floreana Sole Survivor 3
  • Sarah48 left the group on Day 3 and refused to rejoin, thus she was removed from the game.
  • On Day 14 there was an option for players to mutiny (leave their tribes and rejoin a different tribe) to Fernandina. If they mutinied, they would be immune until the final 12. No one took the offer.
  • On Day 17 a member from all three tribes was sent to Exile Island. In contrast, on Day 20 no one was sent to Exile Island
  • Tribes merged on Day 22, their tribe name called Floreana
  • Rob played an idol on Day 27, negating 4 votes and saving him from elimination. Nathan was instead eliminated with 2 votes.
  • There was an Auction on Day 35. Rhys won and played Double Strength (doubles votes against the person they vote for) and Martin won and played a Temporary Idol on Day 36.
  • Jade played the Orange Rock on Day 38 after both she and Eric received 2 votes each, which automatically took Eric out and saved the cast from doing a revote.

The GameEdit

Episode Title Immunity Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Our Tribe Shows Up To A Challenge High, Drunk, And With A Body Bag Isabela EliOrtiz1234 Sarah48 No Vote


Day 3

I Didn't Know What To Do Española Walkerbait27 Mattyc964 4-0

1st Voted Out

Day 6

Our Tribe Is In Shambles Isabela EliOrtiz1234 Leonine_Divine 2-1

2nd Voted Out

Day 9

Anything Is Possible Isabela Bwburke94 EliOrtiz1234 2-1

3rd Voted Out

Day 12

Get Me Out Of This Wretched Blue Buff Española AndThenThereWasOne TotsTrashy 3-1-1

4th Voted Out

Day 15

She Was A Dangerous Wildcard Fernandina Walkerbait27 CirieFiellds 4-1

5th Voted Out

Day 18

Redwing91/bwburke94 Redwing91/bwburke94
A Sacrificial Lamb Fernandina None bwburke94 survivorgame1 4-1/  4-1

6th/7th Voted Out

Day 21

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures Nathan132 Walkerbait27 DontVoteMePlease 5-4

8th Voted Out

Day 24

Things Change On A Dime Murly Walkerbait27 Nathan132 *4(o) - 2-1-1

9th Voted Out

Day 27

I Have The Kiss Of Death Econ21 Walkerbait27 RedWing91 4-3

10th Voted Out

Day 30

Pheonix Rising From The Ashes AndThenThereWasOne Econ21 Walkerbait27 4-1-1

11th Voted Out

Day 33

I Don't Really Have A Choice Econ21 (AUCTION) Murly AndThenThereWasOne 4-2

12th Voted Out

Day 36

The Final Stretch Econ21 Hudspith 3-2

13th Voted Out

Day 37

Robulusjgreisonne Econ21 2-2 (OR)

14th Voted Out

Day 38

Reunion Jury Vote Archerskyfire 4-2-1



Sole Survivor

Murly Robulusjgreisonne


Episode 1: Our Tribe Shows Up to a Challenge High, Drunk, and w/ a Body BagEdit

Immunity Challenge: A twist on Survivor classic “Pass the Torch”, once the torch has been passed through all the players they may restart the cycle, and are instead playing for points. At the 30 minute mark a “pass” will be dropped to take a player out of the rotation. After an hour the two tribes with the most points will win immunity.  

15 players arrive at Tortuga Bay, Galapagos. Chantra reveals that the first night they will all be spending together. The next morning all the players pick eggs and smash them, revealing what tribe they are joining, red became Española, yellow became Isabela, and blue became Fernandina. Chantra then reveals that the players will be joined by 3 veterans, who were early vote outs but were searching for redemption. Daniel, Burke, and Matty are flown in and are also asked to pick an egg. After smashing their eggs Daniel joins Española, Burke joins Isabela, and Matty joins Fernandina. The players then split up into their camps.    

At the Fernandina Camp, Ismael had high hopes for his tribe, saying that since 2 tribes win immunity, there is a high chance they won’t have to go to tribal. Sarah starts telling everyone that Eric is trying to make alliances with everyone, which annoys Ismail. Matty decides that this season he is going to lay low and play more heroically. Matty says that this season he doesn’t want to be a part of a big alliance, one that has already formed with out him, he figured. But rather Matty wants to talk to people individually and make sure he isn’t a target.    

At the Española Camp Daniel is furious that Dana is in the game as well, saying that they have a bad history. Red says that the returnee (Daniel) on his tribe won’t last very long, and he needs to figure out who to trust, but for now Red says he will just lay low. Murly, Rob, and Red form an alliance, and Murly says they need a fourth person that they can trust. Daniel says that this so far he doesn’t want to come off as a strategist, but started talking to Murly, Paul, and Rob to see if they want to work with him. Daniel asks Rob if he is scared of working with him due to him being a returning player, but Rob says no, he’d be happy to work with him. Murly asks her alliance (Red and Rob) what they think of Daniel. They decide that they’ll pretend bring in Daniel as the fourth, but in reality work with the other two players on the tribe, Cirie and Paul. The alliances catches on to the fact that Daniel has gone to every player and started working individually, saying that they need to watch out for his strategies. They also composed a strategy of telling every other player on the tribe that they are the fourth to their alliance. Red was concerned that Daniel asked everyone else on the tribe for an alliance, thinking that he might be Daniels first target. Rob says in a confessional that he is excited for the season’s twists. He also says that Cirie and Paul’s quietness has unfortunately put them on the outs. Red was upset because he thought that he and Daniel were friends, but Daniel did not ask him for an alliance. Red says that now he couldn’t care less if Daniel leaves. Daniel says that despite having an alliance with Paul, Murly, and Rob, he does not trust Paul, and will lay low. 

At the Isabela Camp everyone was excited about their tribe. Rhys says that he has high expectations for himself. Nick, Martin, Fowler, and Rhys quickly form a majority alliance. This new alliance puts Dana and Burke, the returnee, on the outs. Rhys says in a confessional that they got Burke instead of Daniel as the returnee, saying that he might want to potentially work with Burke. Rhys also says that he loves the Exile Twist, and will plead to get sent. Burke forms an alliance with Nick, Martin, and Fowler. Nick points out that that puts himself, Martin, and Fowler in best position on the tribe, they can chose which alliance to side with. Everyone agrees that Dana needs to be the first to go. Nick says that he wants to side with Rhys since their alliance formed first.

At the immunity challenge Chantra reveals that an Exile Island twist will be in play, the tribe that comes in first may pick a player from the losing tribe, who insead of going to tribal council will go to Exile Island, where despite being isolated from the group, they have the opportunity to look for one of the 3 idols on the the island. After an early lead from Española, Isabela pulls far ahead after taking the inactive Burke out of the challenge, and win immunity. Española comes in second, sending Fernandina to tribal council. After much debate, Isabela tribemates decide to send Eli to tribal council.

Back at Española Red was annoyed at their tribes performance, and many of the castmates were upset at Cirie for leaving while still holding the torch. Daniel was happy because everyone was busy ranting about Cirie, which took the attention off of him. Rob said in a confessional that the way they played out the challenge could be a big problem, because Isabela was far better. Red insults Cirie at camp and also makes fun of Daniel, which upsets Daniel, who says that Red doesn’t create harmony at camp and needs to go.

Back at Fernandina Ismail says that the first challenge is always the icebreaker for who is a valuable player and who isn’t. He also said that either Matty, Jet, or Sarah need to go.

At tribal council players apologized for not doing well in the challenge. Ismail predicted that Eli won’t find the idol. Matty said that he doesn’t have a target on his back for being a returnee, because the first time he played he sucked. In the end, the votes didn’t matter because Sarah quit the game.

Episode 2: I Didn't Know What to Do Edit

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe starts with 4 elements, Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. They can then combine elements to get new elements. Once they get a new element they can use it to make new combinations. First two tribes to reach their specific element win immunity. Fernandina = Assasin, Isabela = Cement, Española = Fish.

At the immunity challenge it was revealed that Sarah was removed from the game, which shocked many players. Cirie dominated for her tribe, quickly finding Española’s element and winning immunity. Fernandina and Isabela went toe to toe for a long while until Nick finally found the element for Isabela and they won immunity as well. Española then decided to send Ismail (from Fernandina) to Exile Island.

Back at Española Rob completely changed his view of Cirie. He told his alliance of Jade and Red that they need to move Cirie up the pecking order, that she is in fact useful in challenges. They then decided that if they lose Paul will be the first to go. Jade suspects that Cirie and Ismail know each other previously and may be working together, which is why Cirie sent him to Exile Island. All the members of Española said that Cirie really saved herself from being voted out and is now a real active member of the tribe.

Back at Isabela Burke says that this season is a role reversal from the first time he played. Since his tribe has not yet lost Burke hasn’t had to strategize nearly as much as first season, and feels secure in his 4 person alliance of himself, Nick, Fowler, and Martin.

On Exile Island in a confessional Ismail rants that Matty is the worst returning player ever, and hasn’t done anything. He said that had Sarah not quit Matty would have been gone.

Back at Fernandina Jet, Eli, and Eric all decide to vote out Matty for not contributing. Eric said that he is in a solid position on his tribe. Eric was glad that Sarah was gone because they don’t have a good history together in previous games. He says that he is not exactly sure where the alliances lie with the tribe being so small, but it looks as if Ismail is the leader, and he needs to get close to him.

At tribal council they tribemates couldn’t understand why they kept losing, but it was evident that someone who didn’t contribute needed to go. Sure enough Matty was voted out by a vote of 4-0.

Episode 3: Our Tribe is in Shambles Edit

Immunity Challenge:The tribes played a game of “Hide and Seek”. For each round a leader for the tribe would be chosen to go hide in a tree numbered 1-50. The other two tribes would then pick a player to guess where the leader was hiding. Each tribe’s player gets 10 guesses, alternating. The tribe to find the leader of the hiding tribe would score a point, first two tribes to score 4 points win immunity.

At the Española Camp Red said in a confessional how happy he was with his tribe. He also said he was always trying to be a good sport in order to not antagonize the other tribes, as they are going to have to play together soon. 

At the immunity challenge the other tribes were shocked when they found out Matty was voted out. Dana scored many points for her tribe, putting Isabela in first place. After a very close game, Española won the challenge as well sending Fernandina to tribal for a 3rd time in a row. Isabela then chose to send Eli to Exile. 

Back at Española Camp Rob reviewed the immunity challenge, saying that he thought it was a dumb move of Fernandina to vote out Matty. He also said that he was annoyed by Dana’s arrogance and that her tribe needs to kick her to the curb. In a confessional he says that Paul is not contributing and needs to go. Red, Rob, Jade, and Daniel discuss who should go first when they lose, Cirie or Paul. 

Back at the Fernandina Camp Ismail told Jet that his first choice was to vote out Eli that night, but now that he’s at Exile they have to take out Eric. Jet agreed and Ismail said that he hopes that Jet doesn’t betray him, they could be like Matsing, and he predicts that there would be a tribe swap tomorrow. Eric then approaches Ismail to take out Jet. In a confessional Ismail says that he is living in a worst case scenario, with his other tribemates both approaching him to take each other out, and he is really close with both of them.  Eric says he is really nervous about the vote, but wants to stick with Ismail. Jet says that their tribe is in shambles, and he feels like he is drowning.   

At tribal council Jet compares Fernandina to misfit toys, he doesn’t understand why they keep losing. Ismail says that the three of them are really demoralized and the vote will be extremely hard. In the end Ismail chose to stick with Eric and Jet was voted out by a vote of 2-1. Both Ismail and Eric were very upset by the vote out, and Jet wished them luck. 

Episode 4: Anything is Possible Edit

Immunity Challenge:Chantra posts a series of elements from the periodic table. Players must then find the abbreviations of the elements and string them together to form a word. First person to correctly form the word scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to 5 points win immunity.

At the Española Camp Murly said in a confessional how she really wanted to work with the members of Fernandina. At the immunity challenge, it was revealed that Jet was voted out, much again to the shock of the other tribes. Both Jade and Rhys made silent contact with the Fernandina members, noting that they want to work together.

At the Immunity Challenenge, Chantra reveals that that night, whichever tribe places 1st in the challenge will get to send one of their own members. it was a really close game with all tribes scoring points. In the end Isabela finished, followed by Española. Fernandina had to face tribal once again. Nathan asked to be picked for Exile but Burke was selected to go. 

At Exile Island Burke was really proud of himself for his challenge performance, saying it was his time to shine. He searches for the idol, but comes up short.

Back at Española, Red felt bad for being useless in the challenge. He says in a confessional that he hopes that Fernandina would strategically vote out Ismail, but emotionally, he wanted Eli to go. Rob expresses his shock for Jet leaving and fpund it funny that Nathan demanded to go Exile, despite not contributing in the challenge. He said that Burke was the MVP and deserved to go. The alliance of Red, Daniel, Jade, and Rob decide that Paul will be one to go when their tribe loses, due to inactiveness. In a confessional Rob says that Daniel is 4th, and he doesn’t even realize it. Back at Isabela, Rhys realizes in a confessional how much power the Fernandina two have. He said that come merge the two other tribes won’t target Fernandina, but go after each other, in which case the majority will become whoever can manipulate Eric and Ismai. He says that come merge he is going to have to get really close to Fernandina, before Española can get their hands on them. 

Back at Fernandina, Eric and Ismail decide to take out Eli, both stating that they feel bad about it, but it has to be done. Ismail fears that Eli may have an idol, for being on Exile so many times. Ismail hoped that there would be a tribe swap, and not a dissolve, becuase splitting up Eric and Ismail could spell doom. In a confessional Eric said that the vote would not be as tough as the night before, Eli hasn’t been around as much as Jet, and they aren’t as connected. Eric also said that he hopes that it is a tribe swap, because both tribes are clawing for his and Ismail’s allegiance. 

At tribal council Eric said that he might be at the bottom of the totem pole because Jet voted for him instead of Ismail the night before. Fernandina was compared to Matsing of Survivor: Phillipines. In the end Eric did not have to worry because Eli was voted out by a vote of 2-1.

Episode 5: Get Me Out of This Wretched Blue Buff Edit

Immunity Challenge: Players had to shoot laser beams at a player from a different tribe. Each player had the option of using a gun, a mirror, or a shield each round to protect or fight someone from a different tribe. If you were successfully hit by a beam then you are eliminated. Last team standing wins immunity and gets to choose a player to send to Exile Island. Second to last team also wins immunity. First tribe eliminated must go to tribal.

At Española Daniel and Rob discussed plans for staying in the majority if they merge or if Fernandina dissolves. Unaware that Rob, Red, and Jade are in a tight threesome, Daniel proposes an alliance with himself, Rob, and Jade. Rob agrees, and lies saying that he hasn’t formed yet a solid alliance with the two. They then agree should they go to tribal, they should take out Paul first, then Cirie. In a confessional Daniel says that he is still a little nervous that he may have a target for being a returnee, but hopes that Rob trusts him. Rob then goes and tells Red and Jade what Daniel told him, saying that they need to keep making him feel safe, and that Rob’s true loyalty is to the two of them. The tribe then discusses that if Fernandina dissolves they want Eric over Ismail. Behind Cirie’s back they say the real reason for this is because Ismail and Cirie seem to have a history. Daniel then forms a final four alliance with Rob, Red, and Jade. 

Both tribes are given treemail to go to the immunity challenge arena. Burke returns from Exile Island. Chantra pulls out a bag and tells Eric and Ismail to pick a rock. All the players got really excited for the dissolve of Fernandina. But to everyone’s surprise Chantra then tells them to throw their rocks into the ocean, they will not be dissolving. Chantra then reveals that the players from Española and Isabela have a chance to mutiny to Fernandina, and in doing so will be immunity for two tribals. Española all talk together and after much discussion, no one decides to mutiny. Daniel hoped that if everyone was on board, they could all go together, but it didn’t work out. No one mutinied from Isabela either. 

At the immunity challenge, Española and Fernandina teamed up to take Isabela out of the challenge first, sending them to tribal and making it the first (out of 5) tribal councils that Fernandina has not attended. Española then beat out Fernandina for immunity. Española then chose to send Rhys to Exile Island. While the tribes were walking back to camp Daniel and and Eric discussed the challenge, Daniel hoped for thank you, but Eric said that the only purpose to them teaming up was for Daniel’s personal interest, to get Fernandina on their side for numbers, which upset Daniel who then says that he doesn’t trust Eric anymore. 

Back at Española, Rob reviewed the challenge in a confessional, saying it was a success. Unaware of Daniel and Eric’s conversation, Rob says Española will now be in control, with the help of Fernandina, and will control the game. Daniel says that he is now searching for someone to make a final two allianc with. He says he trusts Rob, but Rob is really smart and would be hard to beat. He then says that maybe he will team up with Rhys, come merge, who he just sent to Exile Island. 

Back at Fernandina, Ismail said in a confessional how much he missed Eli and Jet, they were part of the final 4 to take out Matty in the beginning of the game, and he never expected Fernandina to lose so much, but is excited about their first win. Eric and Ismail discussed their plans to move forward, as well as the challenge. Eric admitted to not exactly following the things that Española told him, because he didn’t fully trust them. In a confessional Eric ranted about Daniel, saying that he thinks he’s in more control than he actually is, and he hopes to take control and take out Daniel at merge. 

Back at Isabela Nick said that the vote would not take much thought. Burke said that he hasn’t been the best at challenges in his two seasons of playing, but he needs to not look like the weakest on the tribe, which will play into his vote. 

At tribal council, Dana said that she was probably leaving since no one even bothered to talk to her. Burke admitted that he was a bit nervous being a returnee, seeing Matty’s elimination, In the end Burke had no need to worry because Dana was voted out by a vote of 4-2.

Episode 6: She was a Dangerous Wildcard Edit

Immunity Challenge: Each player gets a chip. For each round they may place the chip in any other players basket. When the round ends any player that has exactly 1 chip will be eliminated. Last player standing (to not be eliminated from the round) scores a point in their tribe. First two tribes to 3 points win immunity. If there are 2 players left each player gets 5 chips (chose how many to keep or give to other player) and the player to get the closest to determined number would score the point.

At Española Rob began to get worried that Daniel seemed to be getting more power than he should, learning that Daniel formed a cross-tribal “Exile” alliance with Rhys, a pact made when Daniel chose Rhys to send to Exile Island. Rob also says that should they go to tribal he won’t be too nervous since they have deadweight on their tribe, Paul. And should Paul go to Exile, they vote Cirie. 

At the immunity challenge Chantra revealed a twist that instead of one player from the losing tribe going to Exile, 1 person would be sent from every tribe. This would be decided by whoever receives the most chips in their basket from each tribe. This time Isabela took the lead in the challenge and won immunity. Fernandina once again escaped tribal by coming in second, sending Española to tribal for the first time. Ismail was sent to Exile for Fernandina with 5 chips. Red was sent from Española with 6 chips. Burke was sent from Isabela with 6 chips. 

On Exile Island Burke said in a confessional that he was purposely trying to play under the radar. He searches for the idol, but again comes up short. Ismail goes to search for the Green Idol, and ends up finding it. Ismail is really excited about it but says he wants to use it wisely. He also says Green is his favorite color, so it worked out perfectly.

Back at Española the alliance decides to take out Cirie, rather than Paul, their initial target. In a confessional Rob says that Cirie is a dangerous wildcard and that’s why she needs to go over Paul. Rob says that Paul is more of a sacrificial lamb and the move should benefit himself and the tribe. 

At tribal council Rob said that the reason no one mutinied was because Española is a really tight tribe. But when Chantra argues that someone will have to be voted out Rob says tonight’s vote off will not affect the tribe. Players predicted a merge soon and Jade said that the Fernandina’s would be really valuable when they merge. And just as planned, Cirie was voted off by a vote of 5-1.

Episode 7: A Sacrificial Lamb Edit

Immunity Challenge: Each tribe has 10 ropes. Every hour a player from a tribe may cut a different tribes rope. They cannot cut two in a row. Once a tribe loses all 10 ropes it is out. Last tribe standing wins immunity.

Returning from tribal the final 4 alliance of Daniel, Rob, Red, and Jade come up with a plan to make Paul a sort of sacrifice. Rob says that if they get the Fernandina’s on their side the vote will be 6-5-1, assuming Paul self votes and Isabela votes for someone other than Paul. They also say that they can make a deal with Isabela that in exchange for voting out one of their own members (Burke), Paul will be voted out next. 

Prior to the challenge, when all the teams arrive Rob tells Burke that maybe instead of Española and Isabela going after each other and vying for Fernandina’s support, they should team up to take out Fernandina. Rob puts out a good point that Fernandina could systematically pick off players from both tribes. Burke rejects the offer, saying that Española hasn’t talked to them all season, and that Burke won’t throw a challenge to give them majority at merge. 

At the immunity challenge Chantra reveals that there will be a double tribal, with only 1 tribe actually winning immunity.  Also, no one will be sent to Exile Island. Fernandina and Española once again work together to cut off all of Isabela’s ropes. Fernandina then finishes off Española to give it it’s first real immunity win. Walking back Nathan asks Eric and Ismail if they want to work with Isabela come merge, which they accept and wish him good luck at tribal. 

Back at Fernandina Ismail was ecstatic for winning the last 3 immunity challenge, after the 4 tribal losing streak. He said that now he and Eric will most likely be merging together, with major advantages, in addition to Ismail’s idol.   

Back at Isabela, the alliance of Nathan, Martin, Rhys, and Nick decide to vote out Burke, being the only member outside of their alliance. Burke however was convinced that he was in power given he had an alliance with everyone besides Nathan. In a confessional Rhys noted on this saying that he has been put in an awkward position of being in 2 four man alliances. He said he was nervous about how they had this plan to convince Burke that he was staying, which made Rhys really nervous that they could be doing the same thing to him as well. In a confessional Burke exclaimed that the lack of Exile Island threw him into a loop. He expected to be Exiled, which was why he let Fernandina win. He then suspects that it might be him, but hopefully his alliance with Rhys pulls through and Nathan leaves. 

Back at Española the alliance says that at least the vote will be easy. Red says in a confessional that he feels like he hasn’t done enough for the tribe, and needs to start contributing more. 

At the Isabela tribal council, Burke was voted out as he expected, by a vote of 4-1

.At the Española tribal council, Rob says that on the tribe there are 4 dedicated players and 1 deadweight. When asked who it was Rob openly says that it was Paul who hasn’t stepped up to the plate. Red said that the two Fernandina members will only have as much power as everyone else chooses to give them. In the end all went according to plan when Paul was voted out by a vote of 4-1.

Episode 8: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures Edit

Immunity Challenge: Players will be asked questions about the season’s location, Galapagos. First person to answer a question correctly scores a point. First person to score 4 points wins immunity! 

Upon returning from tribal Daniel said that he plans on involving Rhys and Ismail into his Española alliance. Daniel then says that if Rhys doesn’t want to join him, Daniel might just flip over onto Isabela.

Chantra invites all the tribes in and tell them to drop their buffs, they have merged. The merge tribe name is revealed to be Floreana. Chantra then tell everyone that Exile Island will remain in play until final 5, and brings them a feast to take back to their camp.

At the new Floreana camp, the former Española members brainstorm ideas to put their tribe at the advantage. Players consider joining forces with former Isabela to take out Eric, getting Ismail to take out Eric, or take out an Isabela first for the advantage, then target Eric. Jade, Rob, and Red then separately talk about whether they trust Daniel. Jade tries offering a final 5 to Ismail, but he openly rejects it really nervously. Rob says that he’s a super wildcard and that they can only pray that he’s sticking with them, otherwise they’re screwed. Daniel then tell Rhys to flip over with Española and take out Eric. Rhys says that he would love to take the control away from Fernandina, but if he does he will only get 5th at best since the Española four are tight. In response to this Daniel offers Rhys a final 2. Former Española then decides to bring Rhys into the conversations. In a confessional Red says that he is nervous because everyone in his alliance is making side alliances, so he will most likely have to do the same. Rob says in a confessional that Fernandina will definitely control the vote. He says that Eric clearly is siding with Isabela, and Ismail is a flakey player, so it isn’t looking good for Española. Daniel is another issue as well, constantly talking to Rhys but not really telling Española what they are talking about, making Rob suspicious of Daniel. Again Rob tries convincing Eric and Ismail to join Española. Ismail accepts but Eric declines, saying that with them he won’t get better than 5th or 6th. Rob responds with a final 3 offer with Rhys and Eric, but Eric responds with saying that he is 99% sure he is voting one of the Española’s. The Española’s talk about how far they really want to go with Rhys, and think about maybe splitting up Isabela’s votes or scaring Ismail into siding with them. In a confessional Nick says that he is pissed at the two Fernandina’s for waving him off when he tried talking to them and acting as if they are the most powerful players in the game.

At the immunity challenge Nathan quickly scored all three points and won immunity in a complete blowout. He then chose Ismail to go to Exile Island to the surprise of many players.

Back at Floreana, Red, Rob, and Jade began to think that Rhys was just BS’ing Daniel, that he won’t actaully vote with them. They try talking to members of former Isabela, but no one really talks back to them. They began to speculate that either Rhys or Ismail have found an idol. They began to realize that with Ismail gone, they can only rely on Rhys, and  again Rhys says that he wants Eric gone, so the former Española’s believe that the vote should go as planned. In a confessional Daniel says that Rob is beginning to get on his nervous, constantly waving off his ideas and overthinking things, he says that Rob may not be the best person to take to the end, and he might just go with Red and Jade. Rob tells Eric that he is voting Nick, a lie. In a confessional Rob says that the vote will be interesting because for the first time he knows that he is not in control. He knew that Isabela had Eric on their side when Fowler chose Ismail to go to Exile Island. He says that if an Española goes home, it will most likely be himself, and Daniel will have to deal with a lot of angry jurors. In a confessional Red says that he hopes that Daniel is with them, if not Red is afraid that Daniel could target him, since Daniel never got close to him. Daniel says in a confessional that if Eric goes home he knows many people will try to take credit, but it really was his and Rhys’ move. Rhys calls himself a scumbag. He says that originally he was ok with swaying Española’s votes to Eric, and then blindsiding Daniel. But then he says that he’s gotten to know Daniel, and really likes him, saying that he could be a good ally down the road. This has put Rhys in a difficult decision, to go against his tribe, or blindside his friend. Eric finds out that Española is targeting him and confronts Rob about it. Rob tries waving it off, saying they are voting Nick, and Eric then lies saying that Isabela is voting for Jade. Rob quickly tells his former tribe that Eric found out, and they panic but decide to stick with the plan. In a confessional Eric says that he is stuck between two tribes and it sucks that Ismail is on Exile because all the blood on such a crucial vote will be on Eric’s hands.

At tribal council both former Isabela and Española admitted to vying for Fernandina’s votes. Daniel he said he was really nervous, being the last returnee. When asked if Eric was in control of the vote, Eric says that he does not believe he has the most power, he is after all, only 1 vote. In the end Eric chooses to side with Isabela and Rhys does not flip, and Daniel is blindsided by a vote of 6-4. Before leaving tribal Red comments that their body bags are filling up fast.

Episode 9: Things Change on a Dime Edit

Immunity Challenge: Contestants played a version of Survivor memory, where they had to find matching figures in a set of 32 tiles. If they get a match, they score a point. First player to reach 3 points wins immunity.

Back at Floreana, the alliance of Rob, Red, and Jade were frustrated at the vote, and Rob says that they have to send an Isabela to Exile. They realize that Eric is a lost cause, but decide to try to work on Ismail. Rob talks to Ismail, saying that with his alliance, he is guaranteed final 4, and with him, he is guaranteed final 3.  Ismail agrees and then tells Rob about his idol, but asks him to keep it a secret.

At the immunity challenge Chantra says that the winner may choose to take ether immunity or Exile, and the next player to score 3 matches will recieve the other prize. everyone was really close to pulling out a win, but Jade ultimately wins the challenge by scoring 3 matches. She picks to keep immunity, meaning the next person to get 3 matches goes to Exile. Ismail then finishes the challenge and is sent to Exile. Before he leaves he whispers Rob the location to his idol back at camp.

At Exile Island Ismail says that he hopes Eric won’t be too mad that he gave Rob the idol. He says he didn’t exactly agree with Eric siding with Isabela, saying it makes more sense to stick with Española.

Back at Floreana Nathan pitches the idea of voting Rob to former Isabela and Eric, and they all agree. In a confessional Rob says that the game is really getting down to the wire. He states his opinions of everyone left, saying Eric is playing for fifth, Nathan is a smug arsehole, Rhys is two-faced, and Nick and Martin are non-existent. He then says that Ismail is trying to escape from the game by being on Exile, and clearly wants to work with Española, but also wants to be able to play both sides when he needs to. Rob pitches the idea of voting Martin to Eric, who agrees. In a confessional Rob says he still can’t really trust Eric, but hopes that Eric will realize that he isn’t playing the right game at the moment. Rob, Red, and Jade decide that incase Isabela has an idol as well, the three of them will split their votes, and Rob will play his idol too, in hopes that Nathan will go home. Eric once again says that he is faced with a tough decision, there are pro’s and con’s to him going to both sides. He says that he knows that Rob has the idol and will most likely play it, but he doesn’t really trust the Española threesome, as much as Isabela.

At tribal council Rob tells Eric that if he sticks with Isabela he will only get 5th at best. When asked if former Española will be picked off one by one Nathan responds saying anything can happen. Before votes are read Rob stands up and plays the idol, coming as a huge shock to many players. Four votes towards Rob are negated and Nathan is blindsided by a vote of *4 - 2-1-1. The Isabela’s are left dumbfounded.

Episode 10: I Have the Kiss of Death Edit

Immunity Challenge: 1 player will randomly be selected to start with the torch. They then get to pass the torch a player of their choice. That player then gets to pass the torch to someone else, who has not yet received the torch. Players keep passing down the torch until there is 1 player left that has not received it, and that person is eliminated. At the final 2 the torch is thrown in the air and whoever catches it first wins the challenge. 2 times throughout the challenge a “Pass” will be thrown out and whoever catches it can play the pass to save themselves from elimination (once) if they never receive the torch. 

Upon returning from tribal, Rhys says that Rob was tricky and may have gotten himself another 3 days in the game, but he has to go. He then says that he has the kiss of death, he became close friends with Daniel, then stabbed him in the back. Rhys then says that Eric and Ismail could potentially just flop back and forth until they are the only ones left, since both sides need them, it’s a perfect strategy. Nick says that he is really sad that Fowler was blindsided. At the immunity challenge Eric manages to grab all the Flint’s but it is unneeded since he was always passed the torch, in the end it came down to Eric and Red. The final Flint is thrown and Eric catches it first, winning him immunity. Eric then chooses Ismail to go to Exile Island, the third time in a row. 

At Exile Island Ismail says that the merge so far has been going perfectly, the last vote was a success and so is this vote, as both himself and Eric are safe. Ismail searches for the Brown Idol, and after a day of looking finally finds it. He gives himself two thumbs up for two idols. 

Back at Floreana Rob felt a sense of accomplishment over the previous tribal. Rob then says that he would have preferred that Eric sent an Isabela to Exile, but his decision was better than sending a former Española. Red compared the former Española’s as a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Jade is the body for being good at challenges,  Red is the heart for having the team spirit and comedy, and Rob is the brains because he “comes up with zany plots to keep us in the game”, and finally Ismail is the wings because he helped them fly (gave them the idol). Red also includes Eric as the claws, because he might scratch the eyes of the others, or their own. Jade admits that she tried making a pact with Eric at the challenge, and she might have earned his trust as he passed the torch to her over Martin. Jade talks to Eric saying that she would rather have him in the final 3 over Rob. In a confessional Jade says that that wasn’t a lie either, Rob is a huge threat. In a confessional Eric says that he once again he has placed himself in the center of control, just as he had planned. Eric says that it was crucial that he won so that he not only saved himself, but sent Ismail to Exile, making him the sole swing vote. Eric says that both sides have come up to him asking for his vote and suggestions, but his mind has basically already been made up, and that the decision is important for getting far in the game. 

At tribal council, Rob admits that Eric is in control of tonights vote, as neither former Española or Isabela are willing to give up their votes. He then tells Eric that he really needs to decide who he can really trust and stick with that group, same goes for Ismail. When Chantra asks who has the most power everyone says Eric. When asked about the blindside the tribal before Rhys says that it was really fun, even though his ally was taken out. In the end Eric chooses to side with Isabela’s and Red is voted out by a vote of 4-3. Rob and Jade grab each others hands as they are the last two Española’s left. Red makes a speech on his way out.

Episode 11: Phoenix Rising From the Ashes Edit

Immunity Challenge: A bomb is handed to a player and they have to then pass it back and forth between players. Each new bomb explodes at a different mystery times. When the bomb explodes whoever was in possession of the bomb is eliminated until only 2 players remain. Then the timer is set for 1 minute and whoever the bomb explodes on is eliminated and the other player wins individual immunity.

Coming back from tribal Rob says that Eric is going to pay for taking out Red. He says that with that elimination the Phoenix has lost it’s heart and it’s tail, leaving only a body and a brain (pertaining to Jade and himself). He also says that now without a heart the Phoenix alliance is cold and will be willing to do anything to further themselves in the game. Rhys says that with Epsañola and Isabela going toe-to-toe and picking each other off Fernandina has basically been gliding through the merge. He then says it’s time for a change. He remarks that Ismail’s constant Exiling is like him staying in jail in Monopoly, and it’s time his bail is paid. Rhys says that he is afraid that Fernandina may now side with Española, flipping the table, and before that happens he must go talk to Rob and Jade and see if they would consider taking out a Fernandina. If that happens then Isabela will dominate, and Rhys says, he knows he can beat Nick or Martin in the final tribal. Rhys approaches Rob and they make a deal. If Rhys wins immunity he will send Eric to Exile, and in return Rob has to vote Ismail.

At the immunity challenge all the players were afraid of the bomb unexpectedly exploding on them, one by one, the survivors were eliminated until only Jade and Rhys remained. Chantra then sets the next bomb to 1 minute, says go. Jade passes to Rhys but Rhys holds on to the bomb and counts in his head until it hits 1 minute, then right before that passes to Jade. The bomb blows up on Jade and Rhys wins immunity. Then as a surprise to everyone (but Rob) Rhys chooses to send Eric to Exile Island.

Back at camp Rhys predicts that Ismail will vote with the Española’s and there will be a 3-3 split. He then says that hopefully, instead they will vote out the swing vote, Ismail. He also says that Exile Island is making this vote really complex and difficult playing with people’s trust. He says he doesn’t know how Eric will react when he returns, but it is worth the risk. He also correctly predicts that Ismail has an idol, which will also make this vote difficult. Rob says that the challenge had an interesting outcome, though not the one he wanted necessarily. Rhys checks in with Rob, who says that he is still solid on the deal. But in reality Rob is unsure of who to vote. He says that its nice to hear Rhys talking about taking out Eric, but he might just be lying, and even if he’s not its still 3-2, with the Isabela’s in control. Rob and Jade also ponder the idea of forcing a 3-3 tie, but then agree that it is too risky as they have a 2 in 3 chance of drawing a purple rock. they decide that their best move is to vote out Ismail with the Isabela’s, unless Ismail has an idol. In a confessional Rob says that he and Jade are in a really tough position, but they’ve risen from the ashes once before, they can do it again. Ismail decides that he has made the right choice by not siding with Española, its too big of a risk to go to rocks. In a confessional Rhys asks himself if it’s worth losing friends to win the game, he then decides that yes it is. He knows that Ismail will be mad at him, since the last thing Ismail expects is to be blindsided. At tribal council Chantra asks Rob if Ismail has the same mindset as Eric (siding with Isabela) but Rob answers that he honestly doesn’t know, Ismail has never had to make the decisions Eric has, and this makes him a huge wildcard. When asked how Rob got the idol without ever going to Exile Rob said that he was lucky enough that someone gave it to him. Ismail says that having gone to Exile 3 times may have put a big target on his back. Rhys says he was nervous about Ismail finally going to tribal, but Ismail is pretty cool! In the end the Española’s choose to work together with Isabela and a shocked Ismail is blindsided by a vote of 4-1-1, with an idol in his pocket. An angry Ismail says that he should have just stuck with Rob as his torch was snuffed.

Episode 12: I Don't Really Have a Choice Edit

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Survivor Auction

Player Item
Jade Exile Island
Martin Switcheroo = Temporary Idol (Only played at upcoming tribal) (Taken from Eric)
Nick Food, Confessional Jar (1 confess. from fellow player read aloud)
Rob Orange Rock (Breaks ties), ZONK!, 
Rhys Double Strength
Eric Immunity

At the Auction it was revealed that this was the last day that Exile Island will be in play. Rob’s most recent confessional is read aloud to the cast, leaving many shocked. On Exile Island Jade says that she feels bad for Rob, that he’s been put in a tough situation. She also says that she is glad that he didn’t stab her in the back, as revealed in the confessional. She finishes by saying that she really hopes he finds a way to make it into the final 5, otherwise she is going to work her butt off to stay in the game when she returns.

Coming back from the Auction Nick says he is really happy with the outcome of the Auction. He says that now the tribe is 5-1 against Rob. Nick also says that now is the time to start coming up with a big move to make sure the jury doesn’t view him as a floater. In a confessional Rob says that Auction is what killed him. He says whatever glimmer of hope he had was just stomped to the ground, and all he got out of it was a useless orange rock. He says that he doesn’t have many options for tribal. Rhys doesn’t want to betray his “planks of wood” tribemates, Eric is immune, Martin has an idol. Rob talks to Rhys about flipping, he says that if they all vote for 1 person and Rhys uses the Double Strength, they could force a tie, and Rob would use the Orange Rock. In a confessional Rhys says that the Ismail vote was simply beautiful and Rob’s confessional was the cherry on top. He says that with Eric winning immunity voting out Rob won’t be a blindside anymore, as it is obvious he must go. He says that after everyones power’s are played at tribal, it will leave an interesting final 5. He says that he hopes his final 3 of Nick and Martin don’t turn on him, he would hate to lose to those two. Eric admits that he was completely blindsided by the Ismail vote, but there was nothing he could do about it. Eric does say however that even though he would have been gauranteed final 3 if Ismail stayed, there are some positives to him being voted out, like now he has a definite jury vote from Ismail. Rob, Eric, and Martin all talk and make a plan to take out Rhys. Eric later says in a confessional that even if Rhys uses Double Strength Rob has the rock and either way Rhys will go home. Martin didn’t seem to be fully on board yet, so Eric tries convincing him by forming a plan, saying if Rhys leaves, himself, Martin, and Nick could team up as a final 3 and finish off Rob and Jade. Martin and Eric shake hands. Eric then goes and tells Nick basically the exact same speech, and Nick agrees as well. Nick says that he has known for a while that Rhys would beat him in the final three, so this move is worth it. In a confessional Rob says that he has put his trust in Eric and hopes that this vote will actually work out and his Orange Rock might come in handy after all.

At tribal council Rob says that it may be his last night, but he hopes that one of the other five is seen as a bigger threat than him. Eric says he was shocked by the Ismail vote, but could understand why they voted for him. Rob says that he believes Rhys has the most power that tribal, since he has Double Strength. Nick says he doubts the vote will be a blindside, but anything could happen. Martin then plays his Temporary Idol and Rhys plays his Double Strength. Rhys’ power did not help him though, as he was blindsided by a vote of 4-2. Rhys calls out Rob for the sweet move, Eric says it had to be done. The jury are completely shocked by the vote, and Chantra congratulates the final 5.

Episode 13: The Final Stretch Edit

Immunity Challenge: Chantra posts a quote said by an eliminated contestant. First person to post the name of who said the quote will score a point. First person to score 5 points wins the final immunity!

Back at camp Rob commends himself for being “unkillable”. Rob begins to ponder the idea of letting Jade get voted out, saying that it may actually be a good idea, he would win a jury vote. Eric says that he just pulled of a huge move and that the final stretch of the game is going to be insane. The final three alliance of Eric, Martin, and Nick is sealed. Eric says he’s glad he’s going with the two of them since they haven’t done much in the game. Eric tells Martin and Nick that they absolutely have to take out Rob next, and they agree.

At the immunity challenge Jade returns from Exile Island, happily shocked that it was Rhys and not Rob who left. Chantra never arrives and the final 5 find a piece of paper on the ground with writing, telling them that they have one hour to create and play their own immunity challenge, otherwise the winner will be randomly picked. Rob and Eric have different views on what the challenge should be and following a flawed game, let it go to chance. Eric is chosen by to win immunity.

Back at Floreana Rob was annoyed at the result of the challenge. He said he had created a challenge that he could have won, but after issues with the results they had to let it go to and he lost. Rob says that all he can do at this point is beg Eric to vote for Nick or Martin. Jade tells Rob to tell Eric that she has an idol. Jade then goes to Nick and tells him that all of Española thought Martin was running things on Isabela (a lie). She says if Martin gets to final tribal everyone will vote for him, which makes Nick begin to reconsider the his final 3. In a confessional Nick says that he didn’t play for 2nd or 3rd, he came to win, and that’s what he’s going to do. Rob prays that Jade managed to convnce Nick, he also says that Nick is the ideal player to take to the final 3. At final four, they will have to try their hardest to take out Eric, and once he is gone, the game is really between him and Jade. Eric says that the vote will not be hard, Rob is the biggest threat. He also says that he had previously promised Rob that he would not vote for him, but at this point he doesn’t care, since he won’t get many jury votes anyways.

At tribal council Jade says she thinks that she will partake in a big move that night. Rob says that he’s been really nervous for the past few tribals, but if certain people have kept their words, he should be safe tonight. Eric says that he didn’t necessarily need immunity that night, but you can never be too safe. Nick says that one sitting here has come for 2nd or 3rd place, so it will be crazy. In the end the crazy power move was executed as Martin was blindsided by a vote of 3-2. Martin scowls at Eric, but Eric says that he did not vote for him, a former tribemate stabbed him in the back. Back at Floreana Rob and Jade salute themselves for somehow making it to the final 4. In a confessional Rob says that it was a huge mistake for Eric to vote for him, Eric broke his promise, and he is really low for doing that. Jade and Rob decide that they are going to gun for Eric next vote, and there is now way he will survive unless he wins immunity, which Rob says he will try to do his best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Nick says he hopes the jury isn’t bitter and votes based on strategy, that was he will have a chance.

Rob, Eric, Nick, and Jade go through the Rites of Passage, talking about all the eliminated contestants. They then arrive at the final immunity challenge. At the challenge Eric pulls ahead in a 3-1-0 lead, but Rob then catches up and surprisingly wins the challenge. Rob is given safe passage to the final tribal, while the other three will have to face tribal council.

Back at camp Rob says that it was a great time to win immunity. He says that himself and Jade could not be in a better position. Jade checks with Nick to see if their deal still stands, to not vote each other out, which Nick says they are still together. Rob tells Jade that even if both Nick and Eric vote for her she will still be safe, and gives her the Orange Rock. Rob jokes that he thought it was a stupid item, but now he loves it. Rob says he can’t wait for Eric to come begging to him (which Rob has been doing to Eric the whole postmerge game) and it’s nice to have a role reversal. Nick says that at this point he probably won’t be winning the game, even if he had taken out Rob like they had planned the night before, so at this point there is nothing he can do. In a confessional Eric says that Nick has basically screwed over his game. Had Rob left the night before he would have won this game 100%, but now with Rob having immunity and the Orange Rock, he will have to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Eric says his only option is to get Jade to vote for Nick, breaking up the tie. Eric tells Jade that if Nick gets to the end he will definately win, because he will get votes from all the Isabela jury, and himself. Eric then says that if she votes for Nick and its a tie and he goes home from the Rock, he will vote for her in the end. Jade says in a confessional that she was still baffled by the previous vote, and how well it worked. She says the the jury might think that she hasn’t done anything all game, but she says that is completely untrue.

At tribal council Eric says that he has a 99.9% chance of going home that night, and then states a case of why it doesn’t make sense to vote him out, since no one in the jury will vote for him. Nick says he has always been on the winning side, so it wouldn’t make sense for the jury to be bitter at him. Rob says he feels incredible, and then says that the Orange Rock will not be going into play tonight, to the surprise of the jury and some of the players. Nick says Rob is getting more credit than he deserves. Chantra asks if the vote comes down to who’s loyal or who’s beatable, Eric says he will stay with who’s beatable, Rob and Jade both say loyalty. The votes are read and it’s a tie with 2 votes Jade and 2 votes Eric. Jade then plays the Orange Rock on herself and Eric is the final person voted out. The final three of Rob, Jade, and Nick go back to camp.

At final tribal the final three say their speeches. Eric says that it is a horrible final three and none of them deserve his vote. Rhys completely contrasts Eric and says that in a way all three have played the best games out of everyone there. Martin asks Jade why he was targeted at final 5 if he was no threat to win. All the jury then cast their votes, and Chantra grabs the urn, officially ending the game.

Voting HistoryEdit

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Robulusjgreisonne Ciriefiellds survivorgame1 Econ21 Nathan132 archerskyfire archerskyfire AndThenThereWasOne Hudspith Econ21
Murly Ciriefiellds survivorgame1 Econ21 Nathan132 archerskyfire Walkerbait27 EXILED Hudspith Econ21
archerskyfire TotsTrashy bwburke94 DontVoteMePlease Robulusjgreisonne RedWing91 Walkerbait27 AndThenThereWasOne Hudspith Murly (OR)
Econ21 Mattyc964 Leonine_Divine EliOrtiz1234 DontVoteMePlease Robulusjgreisonne RedWing91 EXILED AndThenThereWasOne Robulusjgreisonne Murly (OR)
Hudspith Nathan132 bwburke94 DontVoteMePlease Robulusjgreisonne RedWing91 Walkerbait27 AndThenThereWasOne Robulusjgreisonne
AndThenThereWasOne EXILED bwburke94 DontVoteMePlease AndThenThereWasOne RedWing91 Walkerbait27 Robulusjgreisonne (x2)
Walkerbait27 EXILED Leonine_Divine EliOrtiz1234 EXILED EXILED EXILED Murly
RedWing91 EXILED survivorgame1 Econ21 Nathan132 archerskyfire
Nathan132 TotsTrashy bwburke94


DontVoteMePlease Ciriefiellds survivorgame1 Econ21
survivorgame1 survivorgame1 DontVoteMePlease
bwburke94 TotsTrashy Nathan132
CirieFiellds Ciriefiellds
TotsTrashy bwburke94
EliOrtiz1234 EXILED Mattyc964 EXILED Econ21
Leonine_Divine Mattyc964 Econ21
Mattyc964 Mattyc964
Sarah48 QUIT
Jury Vote
Finalist Robulusjgreisonne Murly Archerskyfire
Votes 4 - 2 - 1
Juror Jury Vote
Econ21 Nick
Hudspith Rob
AndThenThereWasOne Jade
Walkerbait27 Jade
RedWing91 Rob
Nathan132 Rob
DontVoteMePlease Rob

Returning PlayersEdit

AndThenThereWasOne, Archerskyfire, Econ21, Murly, Nathan132, Robulusjgreisonne, and Walkerbait27 all returned to play Survivor Japan: Yin vs Yang. Archerskyfire, Murly, Robulusjgreisonne, and Walkerbait27 were all placed on the Yin Tribe, with AndThenThereWasOne, Econ21, and Nathan132 all joined the Yang Tribe. Walkerbait27 placed 16th, Nathan132 placed 15th, AndThenThereWasOne placed 12th, Archerskyfire placed 10th, Econ21 placed 9th, Murly placed 4th, and Robulusjgreisonne placed _____ respectively.